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Address:No.6,Lekai South Street

,Baoding,Hebei Province
P C:071054


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GM’S Speech

LUCKY CHEMICAL supplies the service since 1959. In terms of global economy, the range of our business has extended to plastic, rubber, pharmaceutical light and electricity materials etc. By right of the excellent product, we have exported them to around 40 countries and areas.
Every success records the sustaining, reliant and regardful from all of the clients. Every step of growth has got the hardworking , wisdom and consecration from all employees. Here I wholeheartedly thank our partners and friends for their encouragement and support all the time. We will steadily maintain and provide the “excellent product, satisfying service” for the clients.
LUCKY CHEMICAL sincerely welcomes the international and domestic clients to cooperate with us through all fields and all levels. We hope to develop the trade relations on the basis of cooperation and mutual benefits and the brighter future.